Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

(or what I learned at the Art of Marketing in Montreal)

While I curated most of the content below, the original words were written and spoken by the wonderful speakers who graced the stage at the Art of Marketing in Montreal. Thanks to Eric Ryan, Malcolm Gladwell, Jackie Huba, Charles Duhigg, and Marc Ecko for an amazing day and even better content. My summary of their thoughts is below.


We started the day saying that “Organizations don’t change. People do.” Then we set out to listen in on a wide of array of wonderful things we could do to change in the right way. As much as it’s about us, it’s really about our habits. Many of us are so busy counting that we forget to be counted on.

Who cares if the rest of the world calls you an idiot? Be your true self. Urgency trumps smart anyhow. Qualitative excellence can’t be hacked. You just have to generate something to talk about. You have to create transformation. You have to change the world! Just remember.. real wealth can’t be counted.

You have to do it with your right brain, with your left brain, with IT, with management, and… gasp…with sales. Just pick up the phone and talk to people. Inspire advocates. Do more. Be more. You can start anywhere but you might want to start with culture. From there? Well, that’s easy.

Start from the heart.
Be weird.
Be a one-percenter.
Protect the daisy.
Be a “Brand Whisperer”.
Reshape the mainstream by embracing the mess.
Win on product and connect with values.
Inspire loyalty.
Win from emotional experiences.
Ask why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Be conscientious.
Be creative.
Be disagreeable.
Be an artist.
Be a receptionist.
Embrace your inner MacGyver.
Make sure your rewards are actually rewarding.
Don’t eat the marshmallow.
Be nutty for tacos. Or meatball sandwiches.
Guts to the skin. Skin to the world.
And if all that doesn’t work out, just say “My name’s not bitch. It’s Vicky.”

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