Questions & Answers

Why did you call the agency The Tite Group?

Because our founder didn’t want to spend hours dreaming up ridiculous names. Plus the domain was available.

Is it better to rent or own?

If we’re talking about where you live, that depends on interest rates and saturation of the condo market in your local region. If we’re talking about your brand, why would you want to rent space for an ad when you can own your own audience? Don’t forget the maintenance fees.

What’s with all the gingham?

Nothing says “business casual” like a good gingham shirt. In a pinch, it also doubles as a chessboard.

Why Liberty Village?

Our office is literally in an old lightbulb factory. How often can an agency directly embed themselves in a metaphor for innovation? That alone is worth battling streetcars. Also, Louie’s soy latte is the best in town.

What is ‘CONTENT’ an acronym for?

We’re sure someone somewhere has created one but we’d rather not simplify our sophisticated approach down to 7 random words. That being said, we’d trademark it if we did.

Who is your favourite Jackson?

We’re The Tite Group. Naturally, Tito.

Why would I share a competitor’s content?

Consumers want value. By sharing all the good content available, you show leadership, confidence, and a desire to solve your customer’s problem. Contrary to popular belief, nice people can finish first.

Is it okay to mix your light and dark laundry?

If you’re into wearing muted tones of grey, off-grey, and light grey, go for it.

Is traditional advertising dead?

No. Not even close. There certainly is a trend and the entire ecosystem is going through a massive disruption and some weaker players will cease to exist and some dominant forces will continue to emerge. Sure. We’ll give you that. But if landlines are still a thing, TV and radio will be fine for awhile (we just might call them something else).

Is The Tite Group really a group?

No. We’re a gaggle.

Who wins the share of your time?

Harvard Business Review, This American Life Podcasts, Spotify, and CBC’s This Is That (obviously).

Should brands be on Facebook?

Facebook is often used as a key platform for distributing, hosting and amplifying content – it’s utilized by 90% of B2C content marketers – but it doesn’t have to be.

What is your guilty pleasure?

We order Diet Coke by the truck load. And Ringolos have been known to pop up at parties.

Are there jobs available?

We like to keep things pretty lean but we’re open to bribes from smart and interesting people. Just don’t fax us a cover letter.

Why do people stay in terrible relationships?

Because the agency promises they’ll change.

Do you have a fax machine?

Yes. This is what our cover sheet says:

As tech savvy people, we can’t believe we’ve stooped below the digital belt to actually send you a fax. And do we really need a cover to announce the arrival of this important fax like a parade marshall leading the charge of a drum & bugle corp? Should we hire a marching band every time someone plays with Pogs? Should we hire a Town Crier to introduce every Slinky descent with a “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” No. We shouldn’t. But we will use this cover. Please ensure the person listed above gets their important document direct from 1984.

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