The Tite Wall Art

“If you’re thinking we’re too small to make something impactful, think again. I’m sure we’ve all spent a night in a room with a mosquito.”

The expansion

With a client roster that practically grew overnight, we quickly went from an agency of 15 to 25 in an impressively short amount of time. We were thrilled, but knew our small 800 square foot office space wasn’t going to be enough room for all of us. Luckily, the office next door had just been put up for lease and we jumped on the expansion opportunity. The only thing that was left to figure out was, how were we going to make a splash into the new space?


The opportunity

We knew we had to cut down the wall, but saw it as a great opportunity to create something more. A piece of art, that could live on and hang in our new space as a lasting reminder of how far we’ve come.

“We weren’t just expanding the office, we were creating a memorable piece of art.”

The content creation

With the cameras rolling, we laid down plastic, threw on some hazmat suits, attempted to cover our eyes with goggles and cracked open the paint. The vibrant colour palette was then loaded into water guns, balloons, and sling shots and we had at it. Even our paint-covered hazmat suits got in on the wall-art action.

At the end, we were left with a wall covered in a variety of unique patterns and textures and once dry, we peeled away the vinyl stickers to reveal our logo and company belief. It was then time to finally cut down the wall, making our expansion complete.

The work of art

The video was used as an announcement for our growth and to let current and future clients know about our updated address. The final piece of art now hangs in our new bigger and better office, reminding us everyday that there has to be a better way.

What We Believe In